Western Saddle Stands

Western Saddle Stands - 01-26  - Click to enlarge
Western Saddle Stands - 01-26  - Click to enlarge
Western Saddle Stands - 01-26
Item# SSS-01-26
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Wooden Saddle Stand

  • Size: 33T x 27L x 15W
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Each stand is a unique creation that is signed by the artist with its own production number.
  • Certificate of Authencity
  • Feet padded to protect floors.
  • Made with pine wood, stain and/or acrylic paint, new and repurposed embellishments.
  • Great for trophies or awards at horse shows.
  • The stand is durable and can hold the weight of the heaviest saddles.

    Western Saddle Stands

    Proper Saddle Storage: Humidity can be a problem, making more chance for mold and mildew on the leather. It should be indoors out of the weather, and it may or may not need to be covered to protect it from dust. Most cowboys and ranchers don't worry about a little dust, they�ll just dust it off when they go to use it. It�s more important to have the leather in good condition. For long-term storage, we recomend cleaning the saddle first and giving it a light coat of oil, then leaving it on a good saddle stand.

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