Tack Room Saddle Racks

Tack Room Saddle Racks - Portable
Tack Room Saddle Racks - Portable
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Tack Room Saddle Racks

  • Size:6'x28"wx28"
  • Tubal steel with box base.
  • Heavy rubber scuff guards.
  • Holds 3 saddles securely.

    Swivel racks maximize dispaly potential. Our metal saddle stands are sturdy enough to be in a show room, stylish enough to be in your living area, and durable enough to be in your tack room. Our saddle stands and racks are made of solid metal. If you think your saddle is pretty now, wait till you display it on this beautiful saddle rack!

    Tack Room Saddle Racks

    You will enjoy the addition of a quality piece of tack to your home to display your prized saddle. Itís the perfect resting place for that hard-earned trophy saddle or an elegant reward for your favorite saddle. A saddle rack, or stand, does more than just provide a place to keep a saddle. It also helps the saddle maintain the proper shape and provide space for other related tack such as bridles, halters, cinches and grooming supplies. Western Saddles need to have a more angular surface to properly support the tree. The Stand must also be wide enough so the fenders and skirting do not begin to curl and lose their shape.

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    Reviews: This stand is okay for lighterweight saddles like barrel saddles. Or we put one heavy roping saddle on the bottom with 2 lighter saddles on top. Good product tho! H Wolcox - Arizona

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