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Tack Room Saddle Racks - Tree Rack
Tack Room Saddle Racks - Tree Rack
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Tack Room Saddle Racks - Tree Rack
Tack Room Saddle Racks

  • Portable Super Heavy Duty
  • 8 Tier Saddle Rack.
  • Great for tack rooms.
  • Features 8 saddle racks.
  • Easily installed.

    The ultimate in quality and design.

    Our tree saddle rack is the ultimate, for your tack room, tack store, or if you have a saddle business and travel to equine shows like we do, you will appreciate the space savings this rack will provide.

    Many precision components are involved in our tree rack. The keyholes in the rotating section are LASER CUT for a precise, clean keyhole. Four machined steel blocks are welded into the upright sections and accept a 1 diameter by 24 long nitrated shaft and a thrust bearing which allows the saddle tier section to rotate with ease, and also support 8 heavy saddles. The tree rack is very easy to assemble and take apart. Once the base and upright is assembled, all you have to do to add the saddle tiers, is align the keys on the saddle tier back plate with the keyholes, push in and slide down to lock in place. The saddle tiers are also adjustable up or down for the saddle clearance you desire. The tree rack saves on space, and requires only a 5 ft X 5 ft area to store 8 saddles. .

    STack Room Saddle Racks

    It was designed so the stirrups will hang freely on the bottom tier allowing room for a grooming tote and miscellaneous items to fit below. The keyhole system on the center of the upright allows for saddle tiers to be easily installed and adjusted up or down to your liking.

    Another great feature of this rack is that can be easily moved around the horse property as needed.

    Our saddle stands are sturdy enough to be in a show room, stylish enough to be in your living area, and durable enough to be in your tack room. Our saddle stands and racks are made of solid metal. If you think your saddle is pretty now, wait till you display it on this beautiful saddle rack! You will enjoy the addition of a quality piece of tack to your home to display your prized saddle. Its the perfect resting place for that hard-earned trophy saddle or an elegant reward for your favorite saddle. A saddle rack, or stand, does more than just provide a place to keep a saddle.

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