Equestrian Spurs

Equestrian Spurs - 15885
Equestrian Spurs - 15885
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Equestrian Spurs

  • Band: 1/4 flat stainless steel
  • Shank: 3/4 neck with flared head
  • Rowel: None

    English spurs are thin and lightweight with a short, blunt neck instead of a shank with rowels. They are attached with thin leather or braided Nylon straps that loop over and under the boot to keep them securely in place.

    Equestrian Spurs

    Designs were also sometimes added at the personal requests of the Cowboy, and sometimes even done by himself. Many a Cowboy turned his trade to Spurmaker in the 1800s.

    Styles eventually became "Regional." If the Cowboy lived and worked in Texas, for instance, rather than California, the style of his spurs reflected it.

    America's romance with the spur began with the Spanish, dating back to its introduction to this Continent by way of the Spanish Conquistador, Hernando Cortez in 1520. At that particular early phase in the spurs' history, the size of the rowel, (the round wheel-like part) was measuring an impressive, but cumbersome, six to eight inches around! The Grandaddy of all spurs, it was appropriately called "The Espuela Grande," or; "The Great Spur."

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