Mens & Ladies Spur Straps

Mens & Ladies Spur Straps - 21451
Mens & Ladies Spur Straps - 21451
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Mens & Ladies Spur Straps

  • Sizes: Men's or Ladies
  • Color: Natural Gold
  • Heavy, double and stitched, skirting leather with center bar buckles and basket tooling.

    If you’re unfamiliar with mens spur straps, they consist of two separate pieces, usually leather, that each attach to the buttons on a pair of spurs to hold them on your boots. One piece is short with a buckle on the end, while the other piece is longer with several holes to attach to the buckle. Because of the design, the buckle usually ends up resting either on the inside of your boot or the outside, depending on how you wear them.In addition, if the buckle is on the inside of your boot, there is more potential for it to rub your foot if it is making contact with your stirrup in just such a way or even cause discomfort to your horse.

    Spur Straps

    Spurs are usually held on by a leather or leather-like strap, called a spur strap, that goes over the arch of the foot and under the sole in front of the boot heel. Some western designs have a buckaroo spur strap leather strap that goes only over the top, with a heel chain or a rubber "tiedown" instead of a strap under the boot. There are also styles with no straps where the heel band is simply very tight and slips on wedged between the sole and heel of the boot. Some spur designs have a slot for running the spur strap through, others have "buttons," sometimes on the heel band itself and sometimes attached to the heel band by hinges, that allow a strap with buttonholes to be attached.And don't forget our kids spur straps!

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