Snaffle Bits

Snaffle Bits - D5246
Snaffle Bits - D5246
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Snaffle Bits

  • Rings: 2-3/4"
  • Snaffle: 5"

    The Billy Allen mouth is normally associated with shanked bits. It fills an often needed gap in a coltís transition from snaffle to bridle. The center roller covers the hinge--stiffening the mouthpiece while relaxing a nervous colt.

    Snaffle Bits

    Bits are further described by the style of mouthpiece that goes inside the horse's mouth as well as by the type of bit ring or bit shank that is outside the mouth, to which the reins are attached.All bits work with either direct pressure or leverage. Bits that act with direct pressure on the tongue and lips are in the general category of snaffle bits. Snaffle bits most commonly have a single jointed mouthpiece and act with a nutcracker effect on the bars, tongue and occasionally roof of the mouth. However, any bit that operates only on direct pressure is a "snaffle" bit, regardless of mouthpiece.

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