Youth Barrel Saddles

Youth Barrel Saddles - 1274
Youth Barrel Saddles - 1274
Item# AMS-1274
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Youth Barrel Saddles

  • Special Order on 12" and 13" on this saddle.
  • Tree:Hardwood, Split Rawhide Covered
  • Rigging:7/8" In-Skirt Stainless Steel Plate
  • Cantle Height: 4"
  • Horn Height: 3"
  • Skirt Length:24"
  • Trim: Silver Horn Cap, Cinch Plate & Conchos with Prizm Stones
  • Includes: 1-3/4" Latigo Tie and Off Billet, 17-Strand Cinch
  • Weight: Approximately 32 Lb

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    We bring you the "Finest Saddles Made". We know that our customers look for quality and well made leather products.We know that there are cheaper products on the market, however, please be careful in purchasing a product for yourself or someone in your family, cheap tack is well known for failure in their construction when put under stress.

    Youth Barrel Saddles

    Barrel racing is a timed rodeo event, where the fastest time is what matters most. Cowgirls compete in the arena against each other and the clock.

    Barrel racing is about cooperation between horse and rider. Because of the competition and money involved, finding a good horse is very important to the competitors. A top of the line barrel horse can cost up to $50,000.

    For the barrel racing event, the arena is cleared and three barrels are set up at different marked locations. The riders then enter the arena at full speed, quickly rounding each barrel in a cloverleaf pattern and then exiting where they entered. A stopwatch or timer is used registering down to a hundredth of a second.

    Speed is what it is all about in this event. The riders steer their horses as close as they can to the barrels trying to shave precious seconds off the clock. For each barrel they knock over (which happens sometimes) a 5 second penalty is assessed to their total time. Leaving the barrels standing and ripping through the course is every barrel racers goal.

    Ships 4-6 wks Youth Barrel Saddles

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