Horse Rifle Scabbard

Horse Rifle Scabbard
Horse Rifle Scabbard
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Horse Rifle Scabbard

  • Right-Hand Bolt Action
  • The TrailMax rifle scabbard is made from 1000 denier nylon, lined with felt and features a built-in cartridge pocket.
  • Heavy-duty attachment straps are also provided.
  • The TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard measures 54 inches in overall length and 12.5 inches at the widest point..
  • It will accommodate rifles with up to a 30" barrel.
  • Right-hand bolt action.
  • Color: Brown or Forest Green

    We've been building custom gun holders for years. We have learned to design them that are functional, good-looking and durable.

    Horse Rifle Scabbard

    The TrailMax™ Guardian Rifle Scabbard accommodates up to a 30 inch barrel and 56mm scopes. The rifle scabbard flap is designed for either maximum protection with a zipper closure or for quick access with a side release buckle. This nylon rifle scabbard is contructed of a high-density, waterproof foam and shielded by a tough 1,000 denier nylon shell. While most products with a zipper can not be considered truly waterproof, the TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard is as close to a waterproof rifle scabbard as you can find on the market today.

    For a truly traditional look and feel when you are out hunting, nothing beats a well piece of equipment. Every hunter using horses needs a great pair of Saddle Bags and a great all season Cowboy Canvas Bedroll for those cold fall nights. We make our products from premium quality skirting leather. In time honored tradition, each piece of leather is hand picked, stitched and hand finished in natural oil. Our Leather products are pre-molded to fit a scoped sporting rifle, thus eliminating the need for you to force your gun inside the scabbard. The scope area is lined with wool shearling fleece to protect your expensive equipment. It has a push button snap closure on the flap and two straps for attachment to your saddle and is designed in both left-hand and right-hand bolt action. It measures 10 inches wide at the flap and 43 inches long and will accommodate up to a 26 inch barrel and up to a 56mm scope. The attachment straps are at least 52 inches long. Complete, product weighs 4 pounds.

    Attaching to your Saddle:
    There isn't just one right way to attach this to your saddle. I have seen them slung on horses many different ways. Just watch a few old John Wayne movies and you will see them on the near side of the horse and on the off-side, stock forward and stock facing toward the rear. Whichever way you choose, the most important thing is that it works for you.

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