Tipi Tent For Kids

Tipi Tent For Kids - Tanaka
Tipi Tent For Kids - Tanaka
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Tipi Tent For Kids

  • 5'x5' inside play area 7'3" set up with poles

    This fully decorated tipi comes with traditional painted stripes and buffalo silhouettes. The outside is decorated with hand collected abalone shells and leather straps with beads and feathers. A hand painted imitation eagle feather hangs over the door to welcome your child in to a world of imagination.

    Tipi Tent For Kids

    Tatanka is a Lakota word that literally means “bull buffalo,” but Tatanka meant more than that. Ceremonies and daily life revolved around sacred reverence for Tatanka.

    Bison were the basis of life for Plains Indians, providing spiritual inspiration, food, clothing, shelter, household items, tools, weapons, and ceremonial items. Plains Indians had over 100 uses for the various parts.

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