Sterling Silver Concho Belt

Sterling Silver Concho Belt - 0488-CN
Sterling Silver Concho Belt - 0488-CN
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Sterling Silver Concho Belt - 0488-CN
Sterling Silver Concho Belt

*Stones will be matched as close as possible as to what is shown
*Completely Indian Handcrafted.
*This concho belt features natural nuggets of genuine Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.
*Each one of the Turquoise nuggets have been set in hand made Silver bezels, which have been sweated to die struck and hand stamped nickel Silver conchos.
*Buckle is large and heavy, made from man made metals with an antique Silver finish.
*The buckle is 3-1/2" by 2-1/2".
*Each of the 12 conchos are 1-1/2" by 2".
*Length of the leather belt is totally adjustable.

Sterling Silver Concho Belt

Navajo Turquoise Concho belts are one of the most striking articles of Indian Jewelry. The medallions or plates of silver vary in number according to size. The older type had holes in the center, separated by a bar, through which was passed the strap forming the belt. The first belts were made only of concha's, with leather thongs used for fastening. Later a silver harness buckle was used, then slides of soft copper were used to attach and slide the concha's on belts and finally elaborate buckles replaced the leather thongs and simple buckles. The use of turquoise and other adornment on concha's date from the 1920's.

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