Folding Saddle Stand

Folding Saddle Stand - Portable
Folding Saddle Stand - Portable
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Folding Saddle Stand

  • Custom Made 6-8 weeks
  • This PORTABLE saddle stand design stands for extreme practicality, easy and quick to fold and unfold as required, it stays in line with our saddle stands standards. Embellished with a traditional hand forged iron ring and small hand forged conchos on both hinges. Antique finish.

    Please note: These saddle racks are built to carry any saddle. They are not recommended to be used for other purposes.

    Folding Saddle Stand

    The folding saddle stand is designed to conform to the shape of your saddle while strong legs ensure stability during transportation or at rest. The saddle rest is a unique, webbed design to ensure air circulation to the underside of the saddle, allowing it to breathe and dry.The saddle rack is designed to keep your saddle clean and up off the ground. The lightweight design and handles at either end of the saddle rest means the rack and saddle can be easily carried to the most convenient location.

    Ships in 8-10 weeks Folding Saddle Stand

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