Sawbuck Pack Saddles

Sawbuck Pack Saddles -  Not-A-Knot System - Click to enlarge
Sawbuck Pack Saddles -  Not-A-Knot System - Click to enlarge
Sawbuck Pack Saddles - Not-A-Knot System
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Sawbuck Pack Saddles


  • Your Choice (Sawbuck Or Classic Decker Pack Saddle)
  • Includes Toklat CoolBack™ Fleece Pack Pad in brown, green, lamb or red
  • TrailMax Panniers in brown, green or orange
  • TrailMax Rectangular Top Pack in brown, green or orange
  • Set of four Decker hooks

    Our "Pack Saddles" "Sawbucks & Deckers" and our "Horse Pannier Bags" are the very best on the horse packing market today. We have extensively used these products over 30 years in Wyoming and Montana packing clients on fishimg and hunting trips to some of the most remote and rugged country in the Rocky Mountains. We stand behind all of our horse packing gear and supplies. For any questions regarding any of these products, please call and customer service can help you!

    Sawbuck Pack Saddles

    No horse packing or mule packing equipment list is complete without a well made pair of panniers. We offer panniers and pack horse saddles in several styles and a variety of materials. Our vinyl lined canvas Oversized Horse Panniers are great for bulky items, duffel loads or a cooler. When horse packing, equipment and gear such as our Ralide-West Hard Panniers , are very convenient for packing food, kitchen equipment, etc. Our Pack Saddle Panniers and our Canvas and Leather Panniers provide packers with a soft pannier that can also accommodate the PolyPac Inserts for structure and protection. They also offer packers a more traditional look for their horse packing equipment.

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