Cowboy Range Tent

Cowboy Range Tent
Cowboy Range Tent
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Cowboy Range Tent

  • Range Tent With Stove Jack
  • Stove jack installed for wood stove.
  • Price includes tent and frame.
  • Size:12x12
  • Weight: Approx 30 lbs
  • 10 oz canvas treated range tent

    Tents for all seasons Miners and range riders of the last century relied on range tents like this one, because a quick and easy set-up was vital to their success and survival.

    Cowboy Range Tent

    Whether you're on a summer fishing trip, a late winter elk hunt, or exploring one of our spectacular national parks, this comfortable "Range Tent With Stove Jack" will fill the bill. These tents are super-lightweight and can be set up with any of three methods: use a single interior pole, two to three exterior poles, or just tie the top ring to a tree branch. Set-up is that simple!

    12x12 Range Tent:
    The Montana range tent is the simplest design among quality tents today. The Montana range tent is constructed out of grade "A" treated 10 oz cotton canvas material. The Montana range tent can be set up as simple as: (1) staking out the four corners of the tent. (2) Inserting the aluminum center pole that is provided. No guy ropes necessary. You can leave the center pole at home and simply hang the tent from a tree limb with the "O" ring at the top of the tent. This is a traditional design that makes for a very mobile tent camp.

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