Old West Holsters and Belts

Old West Holsters and Belts - HFD
Old West Holsters and Belts - HFD
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Old West Holsters and Belts

  • Cowboy Leather Holsters
  • Steel lined holster
  • Fully leather lined western holster and belt

  • Measuring Gun Belt:
    1. Give your actual waist size by measuring your waist with pants on. Your pants gun belt should be 2" longer than your waist size.

    Classic Drop loop fast draw rig as used in western movies since the 1930's. This rig has been used in many recent movies, including the 1994 biopic Wyatt Earp.

    Old West Holsters and Belts

    All of our leather gunslinger holsters are made with premium quality materials and age old techniques that have been passed down from one superior leather craftsman to another. We do things the old fashioned way; handcrafting all of our goods from start to finish, just as we always have. Though our methods are time consuming, we are certain that you will appreciate the difference in our western gun belts! .

    Ships in 2-3 weeks Old West Holsters and Belts

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