Simco Saddle

Simco Saddle "#728046"
Simco Saddle "#728046"
Item# SML728046

Simco Saddle "#728046"
Simco Saddle

We bring you the finest Simco Saddle made. We know that our customers look for quality and well made leather Simco Saddles.We know that there are cheaper products (Simco Saddles)on the market, however, please be careful in purchasing a product for yourself or someone in your family, cheap tack is well known for failure in their construction when put under stress, our Simco Saddles are known for durability.

Simco Saddles

Don't take a chance on a loved one being injured, just to save a few dollars. We specialize in Billy Cook and Simco tack. These Billy Cook and Simco products are not imitations, but the real products from Billy Cook and Simco. All products have a 5 Year Guarantee. carries the largest selection of Billy Cook and Simco products online. If you don't see the one your looking for, e-mail us and we will get it for you.

Saddle Facts TREE: Double covered fiberglass hardwood, 13" front.
GULLET: 6-1/2" wide by 8-1/2" high.
SEAT: 16" One piece full leather.
RIGGING: Full double. Stainless steel. 1-3/4" front tie straps, 1-3/4" double flank billets with 4" flank cinch.
FENDERS: 8" x 18".
STIRRUPS: 3" x 3" leather laced Deep Roper.
FINISH: Southwest Border tooled, heavy oiled Cherry finish.
WEIGHT: Approximately 45 pounds.

Horse riding is very rewarding when safety practices are followed. But maintaining safe working conditions when handling horses cannot be overemphasized. Riders should have a working knowledge of horse behavior so they can anticipate and prevent potential hazardous situations. Horses are easily startled animals by nature, but most accidents can be prevented by using proper handling methods (see MU publication G2878, Safe Ground Handling of Horses). This publication discusses basic riding techniques and provides information on proper saddling, bridling and riding.

Be sure that the horse and rider are suitable for each other. Beginners should ride only calm, dependable horses preferably older horses until they are proficient enough to handle more difficult ones. Horse Riding: Your equipment must be adequate for the situation and in good repair. Check the rigging, cinches, latigo straps and billets of your saddle to be sure they are strong and that there is no danger of breaking. Check bridles and reins, especially at stress points, and make sure the leather is strong and supple. Leather that is dry and cracked can break easily.

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