Leather Saddle Bags

Leather Saddle Bags - LR80
Leather Saddle Bags - LR80
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Leather Saddle Bags

Product Information:
  • Made of high quality leather
  • Grommets to tie to saddle
  • Single buckle closure
  • Leather construction keeps items dry
  • Size: 10 x 9 x 4

    These horse saddlebags are a great way to carry things you need on the trail. The system secures to saddle strings with double grommets on each side, as well as securing to the front rigging with quick release attachment straps. The cantlebag may be loaded separately. Compression straps keep cargo in the cantlebag from shifting. Complete with heavy-duty zippers and webbing and are reinforced at all wear points. They can be machine-washed and dried, after using.

    Leather Saddle Bags

    They have been being used for over 200 years, from the early Indians to the frontiersman and early cowboys. These Leather Saddlebags and our lightweight Nylon Saddlebags and ever popular Canvas Saddlebags are a must have for the serious horseman! Great for long dayrides, or overnite backcountry trips. These are also great for hunters and search and rescue personnel.

    They are great for lunches, binoculars, rain gear etc. There's nothing quite like the thrill and of being horseback. It's the only way to travel, and for many, it's a way of life. All over the country, you can find dedicated horse enthusiasts using our Horse Saddlebags . Those who love riding demand nothing but the best from their horse gear. There's no worse feeling than needing a pair and discovering that the only thing missing are your saddlebags with your gear. Also look at our Cowboy Saddle Bedroll for those cold overnite horse camping trips. Plan your riding trip in detail. Forest rangers are an excellent source of information and you can get maps from them for a couple of bucks. Trails Illustrated puts out great maps and they are kept fairly current. Let people know (including the rangers) where you are going and when you expect to be there. Get yourself and your animals in proper shape. When you start off if you have to climb up to the trail take it slow with lots of stops so that they have a chance to blow. Never push your horses until you are certain that they have totally acclimated to the altitude. If the forest rangers discover YOUR horse dead on the trail you are responsible to haul it out! You will know when your animals get their "second wind" so take it easy until then. When you stop for a break get off of your horse and loosen the cinch, then repull your cinch, as your horse will of dropped quite a bit off of that water belly he was packing.. Carry something that they can drink out of as I have seen horses that had not had water in three days refuse to drink from a small cold stream for the first time.

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