Haflinger Saddle

Haflinger Saddle
Haflinger Saddle
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Haflinger Saddle
Haflinger Saddle

  • Simco Saddle
  • Back Cinch With Billets 3"(OPTIONAL)
  • Measurement from Front to back skirt 25"
  • Tree: Fiber wrap hadwood haflinger.
  • Seat: Smoothout.
  • Rigging: 7/8 In skirt with stainless steel C plates.
  • Cantle: 3 1/2 cheyenne roll.
  • Bars: Tipped and flared.
  • Gullet: 6 3/4 x 5 1/2.
  • Skirts: 24.5
  • Horn: 3" Leather covered.
  • Stirrups: 2" Visalia leather covered.
  • Finish: Smoothout with show walnut finish.

    The Haflinger is an ideal all-around horse which has been developed and maintained as an ideal family pleasure horse by careful selective breeding. They are ideally suited for both riding and carriage driving. In addition, their uncomplicated personality and great strength make them ideal for light farm work. Easily recognizable by their golden color and heavy white manes and tails, the Haflinger is a breed with a long history.

    Haflinger Saddle

    Much research has been done in attempting to answer the question as to his exact age and origin. Late medieval writings mention a race of horses found in Austria’s Tyrolean Alps, a light animal, possessing Oriental characteristics, made for riding and packing. The horse exhibited good conformation, a strong constitution and a very uncomplicated personality. The Haflinger is regarded as an Austrian breed, with its name coming from the tiny village of “Hafling.” (Hafling is now a part of northern Italy, since being relinquished following World War I.) The breed as it is known today really began in 1874 with the birth of the stallion 249 Folie, a colt by the half-Arabian 133 El Bedavi XXII and out of a refined Tyrolean mare. 249 Folie became the first registered Haflinger stallion and the patriarch of the race. Today, all purebred Haflinger stallions must trace directly to him through one of the seven stallions lines found within our breed: A, B, M, N, S, ST and W. The naming of Haflingers is unique in that males born must be registered with a name beginning with the first letter of the sire’s name, thereby making for easy identification of his line -- female Haflinger names must begin with the first letter of their dam’s name. Each of these lines is very carefully maintained in Tyrol Austria, to insure the worldwide continued existence in the breeding population. While not considered a “color breed” the Haflinger has been selectively bred for so long that they only come in one color -- or rather only in various shades of one color. All Haflingers are some shade of chestnut, from very light blonde to liver, with light manes and tails, white to flaxen. Most will have some white marking on their faces, although this is not a breed requirement. White markings on the legs are seldom seen and are really not desirable but are permitted. Some dappling in the coat is also permitted.

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