Kids Saddles

Kids Saddles - 72421 - Click to enlarge
Kids Saddles - 72421 - Click to enlarge
Kids Saddles - 72421
Item# SML-72421S
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Kids Saddles

  • Floral Pleasure
  • Tree: Ralide
  • Seat: 13" Suede
  • Rigging: 7/8 Stainless Steel Dees
  • Cantle: 4" Cheyenne Roll
  • Horn: 21/4" Leather covered
    *Stirrups: 1" Contest Hand Laced
  • Finish: Fully Floral Tooled with Natural Finish and polished edges
  • Weight: 26 lbs

    We bring you the finest Childrens Saddles made. We know that our customers look for quality Childrens Saddles and well made leather products.We know that there are cheaper products on the market, however, please be careful in purchasing a Childrens Saddles for yourself or someone in your family, cheap youth tack is well known for failure in their construction when put under stress. Don't take a chance on a loved one being injured, just to save a few dollars. We specialize in Simco tack. All Childrens Saddles have a 5 Year Guarrantee. carries the largest selection of western tack products online. If you don't see the Childrens Saddles your looking for, e-mail us at and we will get it for you.

    Kids Saddles

    During the late 60ís and early 70ís, there was a movement to grow bigger horses. With these larger horses came wider backs and the need for the semi-quarter horse bars. Semi-quarter horse bars had less angle than the quarter horse bars and thus fit more of these larger, wider bred animals. The angle chosen was one that sort of split the difference between the QH bars and the wider angle that had been developed to fit Arabian horses. Today, semi-quarter horse bars will fit better than 80% of all Western horses. English saddle fans, this would be your medium tree. These QH bars and Semi-QH bars are available on different gullet widths. The most used standard is a gullet width of 6.5". Custom saddles can be made with other widths of gullet. The gullet width is the measurement across the width of the opening under the pommel. It is measured before the skirting and fleece is attached. If you are measuring your saddle, press hard into the fleece to get a more accurate measurement. Fleece will compact, but the leather of the skirting will not. If you are handy, you can detach, then raise or lower the skirt's attachment to the tree for some adjustment in gullet width. If you are not handy, take your saddle to an experienced saddler for adjustment. This is great to know if you just changed horses and if a small adjustment will let you continue to use your present saddle. English fans, you can have your saddles adjusted too. Often, the stuffing in the bottom of the saddle can be added to, or taken out, to adjust for your horse. With the English saddle, you can adjust the stuffing anywhere in the bottom. This allows you to "lift" the fit as needed, front or rear!If you have a budget for one saddle that you need to fit yourself, but must use with all your horses, get a saddle built upon a semi quarter horse tree, semi-quarter horse bars. Or if all your horses are wider backed draft breeds, or narrow backed gaited horses, buy accordingly. There are some wonderful pads made to adjust saddle fitting to an art.

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