EZ UP Combo Stirrup

EZ UP Combo Stirrup - 360 Swivel - Click to enlarge
EZ UP Combo Stirrup - 360 Swivel - Click to enlarge
EZ UP Combo Stirrup - 360 Swivel
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EZ UP Combo Stirrup

  • The combo set is a Ez Up with attached swivel for the mounting side and swivel only for the off side.

    EZ Up Add 3" To Any Stirrup

    Well, this is the best of the best when it comes to your riding comfort. Your combo includes to very popular E-ZUP Stirrup Extender and the E-ZUP Stirrup Swivel! Now you will get that extra 3" on your stirrup along with the ease and comfort of a full stirrup rotation with the E-ZUP Stirrup Swivel. Just make sure and follow the measuring instructions in our FAQ section of the website. Our product fits every saddle and you use your own stirrups!

    EZ UP Combo Stirrup

    Each package comes with instructions on how to install your combo in minutes. And remember, you can adjust your stirrup swivel to any fixed position, if you like it that way, with the allen wrench that is included in your combo package. And as always, if you have any questions, be sure and call us...we are here to make sure that you get up and riding again as soon as possible! We love satisfied customers! And be sure and tell a friend about us!

    Ships Next Day On EZ UP Combo Stirrup

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