Leather Chaps "Deluxe Batwing Chaps"

Leather Chaps "Deluxe Batwing Chaps"
Leather Chaps "Deluxe Batwing Chaps"
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Leather Chaps "Deluxe Batwing Chaps"

Leather Chaps "Deluxe Batwing Chaps"

Leather Chaps:Rodeo chap styles vary from event to event, region to region. They also differ according to their purpose, whether for work, show, or pleasure. The main types of rodeo chaps are shotgun, batwings, angora and chinks.

Shotgun chaps are used often in horse shows. They are pulled on like trousers and have no snaps or rings. Often they have zippers that run the length of the leg. Batwings have big flaps of leather; they are the ones most often seen at rodeos. They often have snaps and rings to fasten them on. Angora chaps are simply chaps covered with angora; they are used for warmth in the northern states like Wyoming and Montana. Chinks are short chaps that come just past the knee. They originated in California and are usually fringed.

Leather Chaps

When you choose a pair of western leather chaps to buy, keep in mind that top grain leather is usually stronger than suede. Metallic leathers have a topcoat to create the metallic finish which makes the leather stiffer. If you need to move better, get top grain leather instead of a metallic finish.

Our Batwing and Cutting chinks are made from soft & durable 5-6 ounce leather. They come standard with 3-buckle legs and a reinforcing strip on the upper leg. The base price includes a leather top & side yoke or shield and a rolled and stitched adjustible leather backbelt that is laced on in V-braid fashion.
Comes with the following
Basket top & side Montana Silver Moon Concho V-braid - Rawhide

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