Cutting Saddles

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Cutting Saddle

  • Simco Saddle
  • Tree: Fiber-Tough Cutter
  • Seat: 16", 16-1/2” or 17-1/2” hard seat
  • Cantle: 3” Cheyenne roll, tooled to match
  • Horn: Tall thin cutter style
  • Rigging: Full double, dropped front Stainless steel
  • Finish: Pecan oil with hand stamped Basket tooling and Floral corners. Smoothout seat jockey and fenders with border tooling and cut away skirts.
  • Trim: Hand engraved Silver conchos
  • Stirrups: 1” Flat bottom Oxbow, leather covered and hand laced
  • Weight: 40 lbs.

    The Ballinger Cutter incorporates some of the most popular cutter designs ever built. The hard, smoothout seat has a deep center pocket to allow the rider to “sit the seat”. The tall horn is easy to grip for additional balance and the extra heavy Stainless dropped front dees and cut away skirts yield less bulk under the fenders for greater freedom of movement.

    Cutting Saddle

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    If you’ve ever seen a cutting horse in action, you know what a high-energy event it is. In this horse class, the horse and rider enter a herd of cows and the rider indicates to a judge which calf they are going to “cut out” from the herd and drive out into the arena. The rider then adopts a loose set of reins and turns the job of preventing the calf from rejoining the herd over to the horse.

    “When the cow runs and stops, the horse has to run and stop and, when the cow turns, the horse has to mirror the cow and make the same kind of turn or even a more aggressive turn, which derives more points,” Richard Herr, a horse trainer in Gainesville, Texas, says. That’s a lot of action, all crammed into a short two minutes.

    In order to do this kind of work, these horses must be in excellent physical condition. “Basically every muscle in their body is used while they are working the cow,” Al Dunning, a cutting horse trainer in Scottsdale, Ariz., says. “There’s probably not another equine athlete that expends this kind of energy in such a small amount of time.”

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