Saddle Blankets

Cool Grip Saddle Blanket 12896
Cool Grip Saddle Blanket 12896
Item# ACT-12896

Saddle Blankets:

Cool Grip Shock Pad. Horse saddle blankets are riding accessories used to protect both the horse and rider. Regardless of whether you are a Western or an English equestrian, I believe that you should invest in a saddle blanket for your horse. Saddle blankets not only make riding easier on the horse, but they help keep the rider's saddle sturdy and balanced. Saddle blankets and/or bounce pads are used under saddles to provide comfort and shock absorption for the horses. Since daily riding practices can fatigue a horse's back muscles, it is important for riders to do all they can to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Saddle Blankets

Saddle blankets keep horses' backs warm, thereby increasing circulation and preventing sore muscles. Not only that, but saddle blankets also keep the saddle from bouncing up and down. All in all, saddle blankets help to keep the horse comfortable. will always be your one stop online store for all of your western apparel and tack needs. Please feel free to call our Customer Service Center for any questions you may have about our products. We also have free shipping to anywhere in lower 48 states.

Features Absorbs the Shock of Competition. Reduces slipping.
Construction: Hand woven Wool Show Blanket top, Nylon bound Cool Grip breathable Shock Foam lining and hair felt filler.
Colors: Blue (BU), Hunter Green (HG), Natural/Blue (NTBU), Natural/Red (NTRD), Purple (PR), Red (RD).
Wearleathers: Oversized Acu-Letha.

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