CM Russell Reproductions

CM Russell Reproductions - Watcher Of The Plains
CM Russell Reproductions - Watcher Of The Plains
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CM Russell Reproductions

  • Size: 11 ¼” H X 8 ½” L
  • 100% Solid Bronze

    Russell painted and sculpted in his log studio adjacent to their Great Falls home, filling it with his vast collection of Native American and cowboy objects. Russell completed all of his major paintings in the studio after it was constructed in 1903. Having the talent to successfully work in many mediums, Russell created whimsical wax animals and clay and plaster figures, but he also made more formal sculptures, many of which were cast in bronze. Russell enjoyed modeling animal figures on oddly-shaped roots or branch fragments. Mountain Mother captures the playful nature of the cubs and the watchful, protective instinct of the sow.

    CM Russell Reproductions

    Painting in a time when there was considerable interest in the West, Russell¡¯s works were popular because of their narrative subject matter, unique style, and dynamic action. In addition, he had the ability to paint fictional history.

    American Indian women played important roles in a number of Russell paintings, such as Indian Women Moving Camp, and he produced several versions of the subject. The seasonal rounds of Plains tribes provided the artist with the opportunity of depicting the Indian women proudly riding on horseback. He used a compositional group placed at a slight diagonal to the picture plane that is similar to his subject of Indian warriors. Thus he accords the same dignity to the women¡¯s work and reveals his admiration for the resourcefulness, independence, and courage of Plains Indian women.

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