Charles Russell Art For Sale

Charles Russell Art For Sale - Wolf With Bone
Charles Russell Art For Sale - Wolf With Bone
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Charles Russell Art For Sale

  • Size: 6 ¼” H X 7 ½” L
  • 100% Solid Bronze

    Charlie Russell became not only the favorite son of his home state of Montana, but also the personification of the West itself. He wanted little to do with the present and nothing to do with the future, and chose to celebrate and romanticize only the traditions and virtues of the West as he envisioned it. He wanted it known that he had taken part in the Old West, and was a better man for it. Even as an internationally-known western artist, Russell cherished¡ªfar more than his skills¡ªhis friendships and his place as a peer among common people.

    Charles Russell Art For Sale

    Russell completed approximately 4,000 artworks during his lifetime. Living 46 years in the West, he knew his subject matter intimately, setting the standard for many western artists to follow. Charles M. Russell died in Great Falls, Montana, on October 24, 1926.

    Charles Russell was William E. Weiss¡¯s (1913 ¨C 1985) favorite artist, and he appreciated Russell¡¯s dedication to preserving the Old West. Weiss¡¯s many special gifts of Russell artwork can be enjoyed in the Whitney Western Art Museum.

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