Buffalo Skull Wall Mount

Buffalo Skull Wall Mount - Click to enlarge
Buffalo Skull Wall Mount - Click to enlarge
Buffalo Skull Wall Mount
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Buffalo Skull Wall Mount

  • Regular skulls sold are from 2-3 year old bulls.
  • Our Large skulls are from big mature 5 year old bulls only!
  • World Class Skulls are from 12 yr old bulls

    The American bison and the European wisent are good swimmers and are the largest terrestrial animals in North America and Europe. Bison are nomadic grazers and travel in herds, except for the nondominant bulls, which travel alone or in small groups during most of the year. American buffalo are known for living in the Great Plains. Both species were hunted close to extinction during the 19th and 20th centuries, but have since rebounded. The American plains bison is no longer listed as endangered, but the wood bison is on the endangered species list in Canada.

    Buffalo Skull Wall Mount

    Native Americans hunted the bison species for meat, clothing material, and other uses, using everything including the Buffalo Hides.

    With the development of commercial hunting and agriculture, the Buffalo Bison experienced a huge decline in numbers. The population was devastated and reduced by a few million and the Buffalo Bison found itself on the verge of extinction. By the beginning of the 20th century, the Buffalo Bison started to recover. The population grew a little,and Buffalo Robes were in demand. yet the species never recovered from the damage brought by extensive hunting and habitat loss. Nowadays, Buffalo Bison herds are found in parks and wildlife reserves. It is likely that wild free herds will never come back to North America.

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