Bullwhips For Sale

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Bullwhips For Sale
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Bullwhips For Sale

  • Made In Australia.
  • Individually Handmade.
  • Braided Over a Stiff Handle.
  • Plaited Leather Handle

    Kangaroo leather is one of the toughest leathers available. It is four times stronger than cowhide of the same thickness. This allows for a super strong, yet very flexible whip that can take the extreme stress caused by cracking a whip.

    Bullwhips For Sale

    Whips continuously braided over a stiff handle are used in many regions, but this type was highly developed in the American West as a very heavy whip with a short handle. They are traditionally used for moving or loading cattle. Bull whips are the usual whips of choice for American performers and stuntmen, particularly those doing Western-style acts. We offer three distinctive types of bullwhip, two our own production and one hand crafted for us in Australia. It is critical to get the balance and taper of the belly just right. Otherwise the whip will not fly straight or transfer energy efficiently to the cracker. We take the utmost time and care in the creation of each and every belly. Insuring that every whip is of the highest quality possible.Completely Handmade. Redhide Specifications Redhide leather is actually cowhide, specially tanned for whip leather, it is very serviceable and a less expensive alternative to kangaroo leather. The length quoted on bullwhips includes the handle in the length, the whip fall will add another 2-1/2 foot to the length quoted. Example a (7) foot whip will measure approximately 9-1/2 foot total length.
    A whip consists of the handle, the thong (the main body of the whip), the fall (the leather strip at the end of the thong), and the cracker (a nylon piece at the very end that aids in making the cracking sound). In a stock whip, the handle is a separate piece, with the thong attached by a strip of leather. In a bull whip, the handle is integral with the thong.

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