Billy Cook Roping Saddle

Billy Cook Roping Saddle - 738166
Billy Cook Roping Saddle - 738166
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Billy Cook Roping Saddle - 738166
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Billy Cook Roping Saddle

  • TREE: Wade Roper, Bullhide
  • SEAT: 16" or 17" Roughout in 16" & Smooth in 17"
  • RIGGING: 7/8, Double, Stainless Plate rig
  • CANTLE: 4" with 1" Cheyenne roll
  • HORN: 4" x 4" Post horn with Rawhide binder and Muleskin wrap
  • STIRRUPS: 4" Rawhide Bell, hand laced
  • FINISH: Hand stamped Carlos Border Tooling in Roughout (R) or Smoothout (S). Show Walnut finish with long leather strings and polished edges.
  • TRIM: Montana Silversmith Conchos
  • WEIGHT: Approx. 45 lbs.

    Western Saddle takes pride in offering you only the finest selection of Billy Cook Roping Saddles online. First of all, just like the name implies, two ropers compete as a team. One team roper is known as a header and one team roper is called a healer. The header must charge out of the box on horseback without breaking a barrier (a broken barrier will give a team a 10 second penalty) and chase down a fast-running steer. The header must rope him around his protected horns, neck or “half-head” — a partial horn-neck catch. Then the header must turn the steer to the left, taking the steer in tow behind his horse, giving his partner, called a heeler, a chance to rope the steer’s hind feet. The healer must rope the steer by two feet, if he "slips a leg" he will pick up a 5 second penalty. If he misses all together, the team will take a "No time". Sound like fun? Well you better have some fast hands and very little fear because this usually happens in less then 10 seconds.

    Billy Cook Roping Saddle

    The run is completed when the steer is secured and the team ropers’ horses are facing each other on opposite sides of the steer. If you would like to get involved with team roping, ask around the local stables. They can direct you to a team roping instructor near you.
    Western Saddle brings you the finest Billy Cook Roping Saddles made. We know that our customers look for quality and well made leather products. We know that there are cheaper products on the market, however, please be careful in purchasing a product for yourself or someone in your family, cheap tack is well known for failure in their construction when put under stress.

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