Antique 1880 Saddle

Antique 1880 Saddle - SOLD - Click to enlarge
Antique 1880 Saddle - SOLD - Click to enlarge
Antique 1880 Saddle - SOLD
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Antique 1880 Saddle

  • 1880 Old Time Cowboy Saddle
  • Sheepskin lining is gone under skirts, would need new sheepskin added. Est cost $175
  • Great Add On For An Cowboy Action Shooter
  • Great Condition For this era - Miles City Saddlery
  • 15" Seat

    This would be a great display saddle in that living room or office. This saddle has Inskirt D rings, and this saddle is in great shape for the time period. It was still being used daily as a great riding saddle! Still a great collectors piece!

  • We believe this is the Old Miles City Style Saddle.

    Old West Saddles For Sale

    Miles City was a legendary cattle town in eastern Montana and the "end of the trail" for many longhorn cattle drives, from Texas in the 1890’s. With the disappearance of the buffalo, completion of the railroad through Miles City, and the rich virgin grasslands found there, cattle and ranching became the prime occupation of its inhabitants.

    While towns may have been fewer and farther between, most had a store where one could at least buy a saddle, and the larger cities boasted one or more custom saddle-making shops. However, two saddleries in particular helped make a relatively small Montana cowtown at the end of the Texas trail famous. Al Furstnow, learned the saddlery business from his father. At age 19, he worked for Collins in Cheyenne in 1881. He worked in Miles City for Goettlich for about a year starting in 1883 and then for Collins in Omaha in 1884. He bounced around to Cheyenne and San Francisco and then came to work in Miles City for Robbins and Lenoir in 1894. In August, he opened Furstnow’s Saddle Shop with himself as the sole employee. In December, his shop got a boost in capital and another able business mind when Charlie Coggshall bought a half interest.

    Charles E. Coggshall, who had been ranching with his father, disposed of his livestock and in December of 1896, they bought out the stock of Moran and W.J. Zimmerman, whom Moran had taken on as a partner in an attempt to stay in business. Furstnow and Coggshall added workers and became the only major saddlery between Billings and Dickinson, ND. In 1899, Furstnow and Coggshall split up, forming a rivalry that lasted well into the 20th Century.

    Ships within 3 days on Old Time Cowboy Saddle

  • Sheep Lining & Shipping

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