Discount Turquoise Jewelry

Discount Turquoise Jewelry  - 0844-BR
Discount Turquoise Jewelry - 0844-BR
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Discount Turquoise Jewelry  - 0844-BR
Discount Turquoise Jewelry

  • Stones will be matched as close as possible as to what is shown
  • Completely Indian Handcrafted.
  • 100% Sterling Silver.
  • Beautifully Selected Turquoise Stones.
  • Stamped Sterling Silver by Native Americans.
  • Bracelet is 7/8" wide.
  • Will fit a 6" to a 7" wrist.

    Native American Inlaid Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet.

    This bracelet is a sensational piece of hand crafted Navajo Indian jewelry. This sensational bracelet features a hand made cuff of shimmering Sterling Silver. It has a pair of hand cut Sterling Silver bands with a hand twisted Sterling Silver wire running down the center. Sterling Silver feather figures have been included for extra adornment. Plus, this bracelet prominently features traditional inlaid designs made from hand cut stone of natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Made in our shop. This bracelet is 7/8" wide. It'll fit a 6" to a 7" wrist. Stamped Sterling. Signed by the Navajo artist JE (Jimmy Emerson). Due to the hand made nature of the bracelet some slight variations may occur.

    Discount Turquoise Jewelry

    There are many legends about Turquoise; The Pima consider it to bring good fortune and strength and that it helped overcome illness. The Zuni believe that blue turquoise was male and of the sky and green turquoise was female and of the earth. Pueblo Indians thought that its color was stolen from the sky. In Hopi legend the lizard who travels between the above and the below, excretes turquoise and that the stone can hold back floods. The Apache felt that turquoise on a gun or bow made it shoot straight. The Navajo consider it as good fortune to wear and believe it could appease the Wind Spirit.

    We understand the true value and nature of hand crafted Indian art. And, we recognize itís important to know that the artist is truly a member of a Native American tribe.

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